CWS  Colorado, LLC

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It’s all About the Water

CWS provides an environmentally friendly alternative to the way concrete washouts are being managed on construction sites. 

Concrete Washout Systems (CWS) Colorado, LLC has been serving the Denver market since 2004.

CWS is a portable total recycle system and has received several national awards. Our patented system is now endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and is highlighted in their national Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan web cast. Other endorsements include the city of Aurora Colorado, and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), which has added our system to their Approved Product List (APL), Product Number 3001. CDOT also uses our system as an example in their Erosion Control and Stormwater Training Facility and Quality Field Guide as a preferred Best Management Practice (BMP).

Working with CWS Colorado will give you peace of mind when it comes to the proper management, and treatment of your concrete washout water, and solid waste.

Water Pollution

Untreated concrete washout contains harmful chemicals with high pH and heavy metals. When this waste enters water bodies through improper disposal, it contaminates the aquatic ecosystem, affecting marine life and potentially entering the food chain.

Soil Contamination

Land disposal of untreated concrete washout can lead to soil contamination, making it less fertile for plant growth and posing health risks to humans and animals.

Resource Depletion

Disposing of concrete washout irresponsibly means losing a valuable resource. Proper recycling can recover reusable materials, reducing the need for virgin aggregates and ultimately conserving natural resources.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Improper disposal of concrete washout can lead to legal issues and non-compliance penalties, causing financial burdens for construction companies.

Earn points for your LEED project by recycling tons of waste material!